How to grow vegetables at home | pollinating flowers on plants?

How do you pollinate the flowers of vegetables and fruit plants by hand? Please tell me how, because I really want to grow vegetables and fruits throughout the year.

You can use a pen or a Q-Tip. You have to put a bit of pollen in the pen / Q-tip of a plant (found in the anthers) and then rub it on the pistil of another plant. Sometimes, the pistil is longer or shorter than the anthers (depending on the species of plants). For cultivation of fruits and vegetables inside, make sure you get enough nutrients and sufficient light. Most likely to invest in grow lights to have healthy plants.

You can stir gently.

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Hydroponics | Hydroponics Pure offers a new way to garden

Planting a garden is many times the effort, not to mention space.

Avon is a company offering an alternative. Pure hydroponic recently opened in Avon and offers all the tools to get started in hydroponic gardening.

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions in water without soil.

Some of the nice things about hydroponics less space, less time of growth, water conservation, recycling of nutrients, higher yields, less work and maintenance of the garden without pesticides.

Steven Hadji, a Westlake High School 1997 graduate, founded the company in February. He started as an online business, then opened the retail store this summer.

"Hydroponics is a fun gardening, where people of all ages can enjoy," he said. "It also allows the garden in the fall and winter is something we can not do outside of Cleveland."

Hadji is in the business of garden in the automotive industry. He also has experience of online businesses.

He became interested in hydroponics in high school, after seeing a documentary on the NASA channel on how the astronauts had to eat on the space station. Began research and experimentation in hydroponics and hooked ever since.

"I started to follow this movement and has achieved even more the importance of caring for the environment," said Hajji. "With all the movement in the urban areas of Cleveland and the food crisis for some people, then it is the way to grow."

Hydroponics has been adopted by the urban gardening pioneer Allen, founder of Growing Power.

Hydroponic gardening is fun, Hadji said.

"You can grow a garden in your kitchen," said Hadji. "Products such as lettuce and tomatoes can be harvested before dinner and even better, growing lettuce immediately after harvest."

By not using the land, Hadji said, the cycle of growth is drastically reduced.

"Cleveland has the best availability of water," he said. "The plants grow very quickly, and at the same time, we have come to control the environment. It is also possible that I have no worry about the mites on the plants."

Purely hydroponics offers a consulting service company with a product line ranging from hydro-electric lighting, hydroponic systems, electrical accessories and a complete line of nutrients. The showroom also features an attempt to clone where you can see the process in action.

Hadji said he hopes to use hydroponics in local schools for students to science.

"You can produce anything from vegetables to flowers," said Hajji. "Once we started, we intend to build a laboratory in the back warehouse. I have been experimenting with that comes with my own blend of nutrients, and hope to sell our own products. We also have a higher cloning tent and want to grow bananas. "

Avon, once known as the greenhouse effect of the Capitol, was the perfect place for new business, he said. Avon plans to diversify its activity to the distribution centers.

"Avon is a communal garden with large farms around," Hadji said. "I wanted to stay close to home and is perfect."

Garden Grow Light | Hortilux Eye 1000W Watt Super HPS Bulb Grow Lamp Light

Hortilux Super HPS Enhanced Spectrum grow lamps fine-tune your lighting system to provide optimum spectral energy levels that promote vigorous plant growth. The EYE Super HPS EN Grow Lamps provide 17% more total energy and 25% more energy in the violet, blue, and green spectrum than standard High Pressure Sodium lamps. These lamps are environmentally friendly and pass EPA, TCLP test criteria as non-hazardous waste. Initial Lumens: 145,000 Glass Size: E-25 Operating position: Universal Rated Hours: 24000

  • Initial Lumens: 145,000
  • Operating position: Universal
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Container Garden Grow | garden grow the Green Box

Gardening should be fun – not a weekend job. Finally, a new planter who grows vegetables for you! Sowing automatically adds the right amount of water and fertilizer that you never have to guess. To "grow bushels of produce true vine ripe without digging or pulling weeds.No gardening experience? The box grows to grow 'em for you! Simple step by step instructions allow you to grow as a professional. There' s no daily schedules and nothing to learn. Just plant 'em and watch' em grow. All gardening skills are integrated into the collection of fresh tomatoes, lettuce, peppers – as you need, your garden productive deck.Enjoy A Wherever sunlight. Ideal for patios, decks, floors. Frets T Don 'in poor soils or pests eating your harvest. box works to grow in any climate. The plants grow much faster and much more production growing in the ground – even without the work Save money, live healthier! People, ideal for busy housewives, the elderly, health and budget-minded who want to save money on security products fresh. Growing up work to include people, everywhere, every year – regardless of their gardening skills.Imagine a pot that knows exactly what plants need. The case has been developed to grow from 40 years of University and USDA research on what makes the flowers bloom. Our innovative design is the simplest and most productive every time they have developed. You will be amazed at what I grow – even beginners.Brown thumb? is easy being green! The growth of box works as natural. simple fertilizer, fertilizer, water, rain and sun. 100% natural. For today and take advantage of growing perfect tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, lettuce – whatever you want – for an entire year. take until 2010 to decide that you want to keep. If you do not, "we will refund the full purchase price – even the original shipment. We do not 't make this offer if growth were not sure t box works perfectly for you. You have nothing to lose.

  • No weeding – the search is over – do not guess!

Gardens to grow | roof gardeners try to keep things light

As more people turn to roof gardens to grow their own food, they come with all sorts of ways to keep these pieces of light, and prevent the collapse of the roof collapses.

"Weight is very important," said Josephine Quiocho, an organizer of the project to graze the ceiling, a community garden that grows mustard, spinach, cabbage, peas and other crops on the roof Glide Memorial 's.

Graze the roof has perfected an ultra-light "land" includes coconut and perlite heart, a volcanic mineral that is transmitted plants. "The essence of coconut allows more air into the ground, she clarifies and helps retain moisture. We do not need heavy water clogged soil that may weigh on the roof," said Quiocho.

Glide Memorial farmers to cultivate their crops in bread boxes and boxes of wine, partly because the light boxes, partly to show the faithful that they can grow plants in containers are in the house.

In New York, Lize Mogel adopted a structural approach: She had five steel beams built into your home so you can start planting a truss. Mogel, an artist who grew crops roof for years, always dreamed of having a full plate.

"I had to do renovations in any case, I spoke with the architect and t much to reinforce the roof of the cost Do not, '" he said. "Because the steel beams can be connected directly to the gateway where I grow plants, networks may have a heavy burden greatly. Elephants could get up there if you want."

For the urban farmers of the lower roof, shave every pound of extra weight is a hobby in itself.

Jay Arena, coordinator of the farm on the roof of Philadelphia, is working with "farmers who want to be architects and architects who want to farm" to transform the skyline of the city. After many hours of study, the sand and his group focused on the expansion of cooperative activities in the famous row houses in Philadelphia.

"We decided not to press on the roof acts like a brick wall is shared between two houses. For the next season, which will focus on two town houses of brick walls between the houses. They are absolutely perfect, because it may contain a lot of support, "said Arena, a music teacher.

His group is now talking about block captains and residents groups to involve more people this year.

"I use a wooden platform to grow my crops clean clear," said Arena. "If we expand the project, we would like to spread the load between the roofs of the people."

In Chicago, Heidi Hough, who co-writes a blog for farmers in the roof called has transformed his passion for urban agriculture in search of a light roof garden perfect.

Above it, grow plants on wooden platforms, which helps reduce pressure on the roof. A local factory plastic pickle barrels of hot dogs also gives it "recycles and upcycles" for vegetable growers. Hough and some friends have developed an irrigation system that requires little land and water, reducing the weight of the farm.

Roof, because farmers use water only what they need, they have to be careful evaporation.

Hough used a plastic liner in the peat to stop evaporation, while Johanne Daoust, a farmer from the roof of Toronto, use "shade cloth" that she saw for sale during a trip to China. The fabrics block the sun while allowing the free flow of air by plants.