Growing Gardens | What Are The Most Important Elements For A Healthy Growing Garden?

what elements found necessary to be found in the ground so planets can grow healthy and nice. i hear someone was talking about nitrogen for example. what other elements are important for gardens?

There are a few basic but very important elements to a heathy garden,of course some of the needs will vary depending on species of plant.first off is the soil you will be planting in,it needs to be loose and as a rule about a 40% mix of sand 40% of loam and 20% clay that is a good soil mix to aim for fertilizer an example would be 16-10-8 the 16 is your nitrogen important for plants food production(that nice green color) 10 is phosphorus needed for flower and fruit production,8 is your Potassium aka potash which is needed for good root devepment,there also minor elements such as iron,zinc,magenese but most plants do fine with a 6-6-6

I always find that gd compost/gd manure are a gd mix.Also plant feeders the kind you buy @ suppermarkets are very good.Good luck.

Nitrogen helps with green leaves and new growth, Phosphorus is the next step to watch for, it helps with good root growth and strong blooms, and finally Potash which will aid the plant in fighting infections and bugs! all are important though! example.. 12-30-15

Make sure you have plenty of organic material in your soil, compost, humus, also sand to keep the soil from compacting.

Make sure you have worms in your soil, they help to bring oxygen to the roots and their castings are good fertilizer.

I would try to stay away from chemical fertilizers and bug sprays.

There are many sites on the web that have information on “green” gardening.

Make sure you have at least 6-8 hours of sun for your vegetable garden, and for gardens with sun loving plants. Plant flowers that will grow well in the light you have.

Water well, make sure the water sinks into the soil, don’t just water the top of the soil, you won’t get a good root system that way.

Then, basically, keep it weeded and enjoy.

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