Plant Your Own Personal Garden- How to

 Plant Your Own Personal GardenHow to
By []Mariano Berona

Most people have thought of the idea of planting their own garden. It’s not that difficult to do, you just need to know some basics to start with to  Plant Your Own Personal Garden. There are steps that you need to be aware of.

Here are some basic steps:

To  Plant Your Own Personal Garden preparing your soil. Before you even think of what plants to grow you need to prepare the area that you are going to use to plant your garden. To plant your own personal garden it is a good idea to do this preparation weeks before you actually put the plants in the ground. When you plant your own personal garden you need to cultivate and groom the soil. Pull out any rocks or weeds, till the ground with a hoe or tiller. You need to soften the soil. Buy some topsoil and fertilizer to put on the plot of land that you have chosen to plant your garden.

Choosing the right plants to grow. I know you see plants and flowers in books and magazines and think I can grow those. We all have done it but what most don’t realize is, will that plant to grow well in your part of the country. Will that plant strive well in your climate and soil region? The best way is to go to a local nursery and see what will grow well in your area. Most gardeners in nurseries are more than welcome to help you with ideas. These are things to think about when planning to plant your own personal garden

 Plant Your Own Personal Garden-How to

When is the best time to plant your own personal garden? Depending on the region that you are in, usually the best time is early spring to plant your own personal garden. But watch out here, because if you are in an area that has a late frost, all your effort will go to not. All you plants will die before they even get started. If you notice most plant stores have their plants indoors or in an area where they can control the temperature. You may want to have an indoor area, especially if you are starting the plant from seeds. This way they can grow strong enough so that when you decide to replant them outside, they are able to grow and strive.

 Plant Your Own Personal Garden-How to

Make sure when you plan to plant your own personal garden that you have enough sun; most plants will need a good amount of sun. Some will strive in full sunlight but some will love indirect sunlight. These you need to consider when to plant your own personal garden. Make sure that you have good drainage, don’t over water. Too much water with poor drainage will kill the plants. Water once a day ether early morning or early evening when it id cool and the sun in down. This way the water has a chance to soak deep down before it evaporates. Continue to cultivate and fertilize.

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