Hydroponic Gardening | Tea, And Organics, Also Hydroponic Gardening Questions?

I live in Pennsylvania. I was wondering if anyone knows if tea can be grown and also survive in PA so that i don’t have to buy seeds every year? Also anybody know any informative, yet simple to understand hydroponic gardening tips? Things like pumpkins and possibly tea I will grow outside, but tomatoes, carrots, etc I want to grow hydroponically.Also if anyone knows of good organic seed websites, for tea especially please post a link or at least tell me the website. Thank You.

Http://www.certifiedorganic.bc.ca/rcbtoa/training/vegetable.htmhttp://howtogrow-a-vegetablegarden.blogspot.com/http://howtohydroponics.com/this sites might be helpful friend. Go organic. I admire people who practice it.

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