Radius Garden Ergonomic Aluminum Hand Weeder 102

Radius Garden 102 Ergonomic Aluminum Hand Weeder

Radius Garden 102 Ergonomic Aluminum Hand Weeder Rating:
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Product Description

The Radius Garden Weeder features a patented ergonomic grip that provides more leverage with less wrist stress. A unique tool that really means business. The aluminum blade has a sharp tip and serrated edges for weeding. Curved fulcrum provides leverage to help pop-out deep, tough weeds.


  • Advanced ergonomic design; the Natural Radius Grip minimizes hand and wrist stress while maximizing power and comfort
  • The ultra-light aluminum/magnesium blades have an exceptional strength to weight ratio
  • Features a Santoprene thermoplastic handle;this high performance, non-latex material provides a secure, comfortable grip whether wet or dry
  • Serrated blade slides through compacted roots and earth
  • Use back blade ings to pull roots and weed systems