Container Vegetable Gardening | What Vegetable Is Best For Container Gardening?

Two years ago I tried tomatoes, and they turned out well. Last year I tried tomatoes again, and all three of them died.

Depending on where you live here is a list of good vegetables for container gardeningTomatoes: Patio, Pixie, Tiny Tim, Saladette, Toy Boy, Spring Giant, Tumbling Tom, Small Fry Peppers: Yolo Wonder, Keystone Resistant Giant, Canape, (Hot) Red Cherry, Jalapeno Eggplant: Florida Market, Black Beauty, Long Tom Squash: Dixie, Gold Neck, Early Prolific Straightneck, (Green) Zucco, Diplomat, Senator Leaf Lettuce: Buttercrunch, Salad Bowl, Romaine, Dark Green Boston, Ruby, Bibb Green Onions: Beltsville Bunching, Crysal Wax, Evergreen Bunching Green Beans: Topcrop, Greencrop, Contender, (Pole) Blue Lake, Kentucky Wonder Radishes: Cherry Belle, Scarlet Globe, (White) Icicle Parsley: Evergreen, Moss Curled Cucumbers: Burpless, Liberty, Early Pik, Crispy, Salty

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Pepper plants. bell or hot take up little room and have compact roots.

I have had very good luck with bush cucumbers bred for containers and also romaine lettuce. content2stitch

Potatoes, they require very little attention I would think tomatoes are good. Did you use the same soil over again? Tomatoes are heavy feeders, and deplete the soil, unless you add manure and compost.

Hot peppers work pretty good. Like tomatoes, they need lots of sun.

Tomatoes generally do well in containers. When you planted them the second time, did you plant them in the same soil that you did the previous year? There may have been fusarium wilt, or tobacco mosaic virus that killed them off. If you smoke cigarettes, it is best to wash your hand before you touch tomato plants.

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Last year I planted green beans in a rectangular shaped planter box that was about 1 foot by 6 feet long, and the beans did quite well and were quite prolific producing beans. The beans were a bush type bean and not a pole bean.

Eggplants,tomatoes, peppers and other Herbs and almost every kind of beans….its really a trial and error theres no exact rule what you can grow there whatever yu like as long as yu have enough irregation and soil is good and rich, if not youll have to keep changing their containers.

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Container Vegetable Gardening | Getting Started a container garden with grow lights inside?

Has anyone done this here? Where I can find information on how to do this?


The best people to ask about it are the bosses and marijuana growers, in fact, was a science. just write "inside the pot farm" or "growth cabinet pot" into Google, and this should give you the best information you can go anywhere. vegetables can make a watering schedule different from the pot, but it is correct. and remember, the best for your plant rainwater. Tap water has too many chemicals such as fluoride, rain water is full of good minerals. equipment near a bucket once the roof is ideal for the collection. keep it clean.

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